What Should I Look For in a Good BJJ School?

aaronmacFinding a good BJJ school, like finding any good school, requires a little persistence and a lot of research. After all, you want to make sure that you’re not only getting taught the right techniques, but that you’re doing so in a safe and efficient manner. In the following sections, we are going to show you some things to think about when choosing a quality Jiu-Jitsu academy.


Tip #1: Think About Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on a quality BJJ school? As a general rule of thumb, to find a school that is safe, and that offers quality instructors, you should expect to pay between $120 and $180 per month. While this might sound like a lot, the benefit is that most of these schools will allow you to attend as many classes as you want, so in a sense, you’ll really be able to receive good value for your investment


Tip #2: The Instructor Should Be a Brown Belt or Higher

Sure, if you’re a beginner then you might be able to get away with learning the basics from a blue or purple belt. But this isn’t recommended, and here’s why: you’re eventually going to hit a plateau. Once the instructor has exhausted all of their techniques and taught you everything they know, you probably won’t progress any further.


As the old saying goes, “You’re only as good as who you train with”. In this case, it’s true. If you train with good purple belts, then you’ll probably only ever get as good (or maybe a little better) than those purple belts. However, if you train with a brown or black belt, you’ll make much more progress over the long run. Not to mention, they will both cost you about the same amount.


Tip #3: Ask A Lot of Questions

Do you have a question or concern that you would like addressed before signing up for a particular gym? For example, are you worried about things like safety, hygiene, or making payments? If so, then speak up! A reliable and reputable BJJ instructor will be more than happy to address each of your questions or concerns If you feel as though they are rushing you to sign up, or ignoring your questions, you can politely finish listening to what they have to say and go check out other gyms. Don’t feel pressured to join a particular gym just because it’s close to your home or just because it’s within your budget.

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