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Learn these Powerful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques that can submit any opponent!



Master 90+ Different Crushing Chokes with this 4-Disc Set!

Become Deadly Proficient with Chokehold Flows From Every Position!

“The Chokehold game allow you to submit any opponent.  Big and strong doesn’t matter, no air/no blood means sleep.  Not only that, when your opponent is constantly fearing the choke, you attack obliquely with a joint lock.  Always destroying them from an unexpected direction.”
Flow rules over strength every time.  Learn a dozen or even more angles of choke attack from every position.  Just your relentless flow of choke angles will leave your opponent scrambling.  As their control fails they make a cascade of ever greater mistakes.  Meanwhile your control tightens, breaking them down until the inevitable submission.

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Why is the choke game important?

  • Get the entire fight & tournament dominating Chokehold system that will the ability to control and finish any opponent, from any position with your deadly arsenal of chokes!
  • Put together unstoppable onslaughts of chokes and control. Attack from any and every angle.
  • bjjCoaches & Academy Owners  –  add another level to your curriculum and jiu jitsu game.  This DVD set contains material for a full year of group classes.  The chokehold Mastery system integrates flawlessly with other Jiu Jitsu games.  Make your fighters even more adaptable, watch them overwhelm any opposition!
  • Full guard, open guard, sit up guard, half guard, the back, the mount, crossbody. Attack from everywhere..
  • Black Belts, in your hands this becomes a complex web of chokes, no matter how hard your opponents struggle, controls tightens and the finish is inevitable. White Belts dominate your peers and challenge senior belts by learning to control your opponents with the fear of the choke from every position.
  • There is a 60 day “No-Risk-Money-Back Guarantee” on this product. For any reason at all, if you feel this product did not give you a DEADLY ARSENAL of chokes, then you can send it back to us for a COMPLETE and FULL 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Chokehold Mastery’s 4 disc set is designed with tried and tested chokes drawn from literally thousands of hours of mat hours. The Choke is the most powerful tool in Jiu Jitsu. It can finish any opponent regardless of size or strength. With the techniques from this DVD set your opponents will be in constant fear of these deadly, fight-finishing submissions.
  • Chokes from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are used in Hand-To-Hand training for soldiers world-wide including the USMC
  • Self Defense:  Confident you can win a fight?  What if the other guy is jacked and not feeling pain?  Chokes are powerful combat tools because they can keep fighting with broken bones but no air = shutdown no matter what.
  • Classic Jiu Jitsu is classic for a reason.  Novelty games like the bermibolo work for a day, a month or a year, then they get destroyed.  Even a good novelty game work primarily because it’s unfamiliar.  A high level player will take you apart anyway, and your peers will take you apart once they realize your game’s weakness.  Then you have to start all over again.  The classic techniques just keep getting better and more deadly the more you use them.
  • Lock specialists:  Joint locks are great.  If you develop you choke game too your opponents are going to feel like they are fighting two deadly people at the same time.

Professor Jeff Patterson

The “Chokehold Mastery Program” was created Professor Patterson, who has over 20 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He received his training from the legendary Masters of the art: primarily Master Rigan Machado, as well as Master Pedro Sauer and more.  Many students pay $100 an hour for lesson with Professor Jeff. For less than the price of two of those lessons, one of these DVD’s includes training material that could last you over 2 years. It’ll also be like having an instructor right there at your own home to teach you the details of these different chokeholds!

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Guard Dominance:

With Guard Dominance your arsenal of submissions and controls will break down any opponent. If they hesitate for a moment you will catch them. Every attempt to escape will be used against them.
The Half Guard Trap:

The Half Guard Trap lets you unleash a complex web of submissions while they are focused on passing. Your opponents feel terrible pressure at every moment in every position.
Total Pressure Overwap:

The Overwrap Attacks are the perfect solution to keep a step ahead of a stronger opponent.  Effortlessly control them.  Turn their attempt to escape into your submission opening.
The Open Ambush:

The Open Ambush:  When your opponent opens your guard and thinks they are gaining, you are just getting started.  This series of attacks makes everyone of their attempts to pass a deadly trap.

Complete SetCover SpreadLearn to flow and control like a black belt.  Wherever the fight goes, you are prepared to dominate.  The Chokehold Mastery Series is like having a live in Professor of Jiu Jitsu that you can go back to over and over again to refine your technique.  Leave the games behind.  Get this tried and tested system of Jiu Jitsu Dominance Today.


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